Yippee, Cool Ideas and Things

I finally FINALLY finished joining the spiral motifs! YIPPEEEEE….! I sewed in about a million ends and finished it off with a pretty border.



Pretty <3


It’s supposed to be a shawl or wrap but I think I might use it for something else as I’m not sure about the colour and the yarn is a little heavy. I’d love to know what you think. Any thoughts?

I wound the first of my hand-dyed hanks, I think I’ll call it ‘Rock Chick’.


I made Juno a teeny pair of slippers to keep her toes cosy.




Apologies for the grainy picture, it was very early in the morning so the light was quite dull.

I came across this simple but clever idea this week and had to turn my phone charger into a rainbow (of sorts) :) You just single crochet (sc) onto the cable…and voila.



It helps that the yarn is really beautiful too of course. (It’s Twinkle by Pollyorange.)

What have you been up to this week? Finished off any projects you’ve been putting off for a while?

Happy Friday :)


Colours, Dyeing and Things

I attended my first crafty workshop on Saturday. It was a dyeing workshop which was to include yarn and fabric but I just brought yarn. Yarn, yarn and more yarn. ;-)

There were 5 students and 1 teacher which meant we had loads of time to do what we wanted to do. It was really great having a whole day to spend on this (although I missed C & J of course, they had so much fun I don’t think they missed me at all!)

We used Ashford Acid Dyes and large metal dying pots with portable hot plates for heat.

IMG_6252 IMG_6253 IMG_6254


I loved the contrast between this olive green and the natural colour of the yarn but just had to have a go at making it another colour…IMG_6266

The colours don’t show up great on the camera I’m using (my phone) but they still look very very pretty :)IMG_6306 IMG_6305
IMG_6307 IMG_6308

This colour combo is my favourite I think, makes me think of watermelon!

IMG_6309I can’t wait to get crocheting with these! and I REALLY can’t wait to dye some more….hmmm what colours should I choose?!


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Slow Progress and Things

I am making some progress with my spiral motifs but it is slow. I’m not going to have it finished by the weekend. I have joined 10 (so almost half!) of them so far.


IMG_6249There will be a lot of ends to sew in when I’m finished joining too. I’m finding it quite enjoyable watching it grow a little bit every day. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it very soon.

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Happy Friday, hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am off to a day long yarn/fabric dyeing workshop tomorrow and am beyond excited! Eeeeek!


Procrastinating, Joining and Things

I wouldn’t usually wait a whole week to write a new post but I’ve been procrastinating. I’m supposed to be finishing off the When Alice Fell
project I’ve been working on but it’s time for joining so I’ve been putting it off. Of course the instruction is for join as you go…but why would I do that?! I really wish I had. A couple of times I read the first few lines of instructions and thought it seemed quite complicated, which didn’t help with the procrastination!

So instead of starting to join the motifs I made these cute little purses using a pattern from Red Heart.


Mittens for Juno. I used a lovely pattern from Oombawka Designs for these.


And this lovely mug cozy using a pattern from Micah Makes.


Not to mention a few hats ;)

But finally last night I started to join the motifs, and it wasn’t as complicated as I had thought (of course). I have 4 joined so far…17 to go! and the border too. I’m going to try REALLY hard not to procrastinate and to finish it off by the weekend.


IMG_6116Although, this did arrive in the post yesterday. My first Unbelieva-wool yarn club box! Squishy soft hand dyed yarn <3 It’s probably a good thing that I can’t decide what to make with it yet :)

unbelievawool yarn club


Ami and Things

So you saw the green dinosaur I made a while ago, it was my first venture into the world of amigurumi. I really enjoyed crocheting all the little parts but found sewing them all together at the end a bit tedious. The end result was worth pushing through and finishing it though and Juno loves it. <3

I have made a couple more since. These were requested by my sister as a gift for her friend’s twin boys.

IMG_5796 IMG_5797 IMG_5789

Awww :)

I have wanted to make an elephant since I started crocheting but for some reason there’s no sign of it yet…

I would really like to try making a doll, like this one that Juno’s Auntie Dee made for her (how cool is this?). This was adapted from a pattern by Ana Artedetei. I love her hair, and the detail in her dress. We call her Violet. :)

violet doll

Or I could try this absolutely amazing Super TED by Tales of Twisted Fibers. Such a talented lady! 

What should I try first? Doll or teddy, teddy or doll?!

Have you tried Ami? What have you made?


Hats and Things

I haven’t finished the WIPs I posted about last and have been making some hats this week. I am so excited for colder weather (although I might get in trouble for saying that) so that I can cozy up in my favourite scarf. I need to make myself a new hat, so I’ve been looking at hat patterns and trying some out. So instead of progress on my projects, for now, I will show you some really lovely hat patterns (free ones!) and how mine turned out :)

I have a lot of bad hair days so I really liked the idea and name of this one. The Hide Your Hair Slouchy Beanie from Snappy Tots!


I used Sirdar Crofter Fair Isle effect chunky in colourway Plumage. I think I will be making a few more of these, I love how slouchy it turned out and it worked up quickly.IMG_6057(Sorry about the photos but I only made this last night and its far too early to take pictures of me wearing it ;) )

This pattern is the Sugar Cone Skully Hat from Gleeful Things. This one also worked up very fast (don’t you just love making hats!) and I used Drops Big Delight in the wild berries colourway.

IMG_5316A while back I tested this pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet for a Sock Monkey hat


Just look at those little ears! They have also released a very cute Polar Bear hat pattern recently.

I <3 The Green Dragonfly. There are some really cute kids patterns on this site. For starters I went with the Autumn and Spring Hat. It turned out smaller than I expected but is still a lovely pattern :)

IMG_6059I also made a tiny version of the Rainbow Mitts but in the same yarn as the hat, to match. I used Sirdar Americana Cotton Blend DK in shade 206 – liberty. Such a lovely soft yarn.

IMG_6060So thats all of my hats and things! :)

For now I will leave you with this…my jar o’ yarn tails <3

IMG_6055Happy weekend!


WIPs, CALs and Things

I’ve been working on a number of different projects in the past week.

I have 3 balls of Sirdar DK Cotton (In Sailor Blue, Black Violet and Hot Pink) in my stash that I’ve wanted to use for ages, but I hadn’t found a pattern I wanted to use it for until…
IMG_5996The pattern was on sale a while ago and I just HAD to get it. Its by MadMadMe and is called ‘When Alice Fell’ (what a great name). It won Best Overall Design in the last Design Wars Challenge and I can see why. If you haven’t already seen this you just have to go look at it, right now! (Well you can read the rest of my post first, if you like ;-) )

There is a CAL (Crochet A Long) for this one on Ravelry but it finishes soon and I won’t have mine finished in time. I am hoping to have a lovely shawl when I’m finished.


I really love the slip stitch overlay and think I will definitely be using it on other projects in the future. It adds a nice something extra :)

Next up is this one…IMG_6002

Now this is supposed to be a dish cloth but its far too pretty to be! I might use it as a pot holder instead but need to treat it first so it doesn’t get ruined after the first use. The pattern is from Look At What I Made and uses the cable stitch. It was my first time trying this stitch and I really enjoyed using it, I kept thinking of other things to use it for while I was hooking this!

There is also a free pattern for a Linen Stitch Dishcloth which I am going to try too.

And the last one from this week is this colourful cotton creation <3 This is the base of what will be a bag for my Mother in Law. I’m following (loosely) this lovely pattern from Attic24. IMG_6005What have you been working on this week?


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