Sneak Peeks and Things

On Tuesday I finished the last of the 17 hexagons for my table runner. The colours and cotton yarn I have used would make a lovely blanket, but I’m sticking with the table runner for now. I will make a blanket like this someday though :)

hexagon box

stack of hexagons

Yesterday I started to join them (and once I started I couldn’t stop!). I spent the evening sewing in the ends, and there were a lot! The next and final part is to crochet a border all around the outside. Here’s a sneak peek of what has been completed so far…

hexagon zoom preview

hexagon previewI’m so excited to finish this project over the next few days :)

On another note…

Hello! and a massive THANK YOU :) to all my new followers here and on Facebook, you guys are the best!

If you haven’t seen it already you can find my facebook page here.

Can’t believe its almost Friday again, Happy Thursday x

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